“Operation: Bless the U.S.!”

Join our family as we take a day out of the crazy holiday season to bless those around us! Here’s the plan. Gather up a bunch of candy canes, Christmas candies, greeting cards, gift cards, etc. (however big or small you want to go). Print out the tags (below) and attach them to each item.  Then, on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012, put all of your little “blessings” into a bag (or 2!) and hand them out to anyone you run into who looks like they could use a smile that day. You can do this no matter what kind of plans you have for that day…even if you’re out of town! Get your kids involved…they will LOVE it! Post on your Facebook page and invite your friends. Tell your church. Get your neighbors to do it too. Let’s join together and see how many people we can bless this Christmas!!!

Get the tags to print out here!


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